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The cheapest auto transport company is AmeriFreight, according to The car transport company’s average price of $900 to ship a car on an open car carrier is about 20% cheaper than the vehicle shipping industry average. Yes, uShip has vehicle shipping. UShip’s open carrier rates are about 25% cheaper than its enclosed transport prices. Easy Auto Ship gives customers a free rental car if their vehicles don’t arrive within two weeks. The company fully guarantees its phone quotes , kicks in an extra $100,000 insurance coverage, and gets excellent customer reviews.

AmeriFreight can guarantee your quote if you need the job done within 24 hours. However, it’s also likely to be your most expensive option (rush jobs don’t come cheap). Yes, Bargain Auto Transport has cheap car shipping. The shipping service has some of the lowest rates in the business because it gives truck drivers several weeks to bid on your job. Just be aware that Bargain Auto Transport charges a $100 listing fee to access its low car transport rates. There’s a lot to like about AmeriFreight.

What Is The Difference Between Car Shipping And Auto Transport?

But you don’t always have that much time to wait. If you give America Auto Shipping the wrong information, it’s not responsible for changes in the price. This rarely comes into play, but you want to make sure you provide the transport broker with the accurate year, make, and model of your vehicle. If the truck driver shows up and your car is bigger or heavier than what you initially said, it’s going to cost more. A bad apple occasionally sneaks through even though AmeriFreight carefully vets its carriers.

It’s a lifesaver if you can’t identify any problems because your car arrives at night or in bad weather. AmeriFreight uses only those carriers with a rating of at least 95 percent on Central Dispatch. License and registration. AmeriFreight does a background check on every carrier to ensure your drivers are appropriately licensed and registered with the U.S.

Ratings For Mediterranean Shipping Company

Sherpa can choose from more than 13,000 drivers for your shipment. The car shipping company does an exhaustive search of government records to locate carriers with insurance and safe driving records.

  • Sherpa Auto Transport has some of the most impressive carrier vetting we’ve seen.
  • The shipping company’s stellar online reviews might have something to do with its attention to detail.
  • AmeriFreight can guarantee your quote if you need the job done within 24 hours.
  • A screenshot of uShip carriers bidding on your shipment lets you see things like each driver’s name, star rating, total reviews, and percent satisfaction rating.

For the average car shipment, that shakes out to around $270. Rather than make you pay the extra cost, Sherpa guarantees your price up to $300. AmeriFreight is an excellent car shipping company. It’s available in all 50 states, scores nearly perfect on customer reviews, and has a gap coverage plan in case of damage.

Top 5 Car Shipping Companies

The car shipping cost for enclosed transport is approximately $1,490. The shipping cost varies depending on your vehicle size and transport distance. You should look for several things in a car delivery service, including low prices, guaranteed quotes, and insurance coverage options. The company also has stellar customer service reps. They explain confusing aspects of the auto transport industry as clearly as anyone we’ve talked with. If the cost goes up after your initial estimate, Sherpa will cover the difference up to $300. The transport company also performs intense background checks of potential carriers so that you get the best drivers. Throw in a free car wash and some near-perfect transport reviews, and you can see how a company that is only four years old landed a top spot on our rankings.

We recommend looking for a car shipping company that has extra insurance of one kind or another. In uShip’s case, it has some of the best coverage perks we’ve seen. UShip reimburses you up to $500 if things go wrong .

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But if you want control over all the details, uShip is the right option for you. Remember how we said that some companies give you a low starter rate but then saddle you with a more expensive bill? They also often make you pay a deposit and then keep the money if you cancel because uss express shopping you’re upset about the price changes. American Auto Shipping’s prices seem high because it gives your final price upfront. Many other companies suck you in with a low quote—and then raise your rates. What your skills are worth in the job market is constantly changing.

That’s where Montway comes in. The company has a staff of more than 10 people who do nothing but look into the background of potential drivers.

Is Enclosed Transport The Cheapest Way To Transport My Motorcycle?

Easy Auto Ship doesn’t even charge you until it assigns a carrier. UShip isn’t a transport broker as much as it is an online marketplace where you can find truck drivers. That makes it different from any other company on this list. UShip gives you control over your pricing and lets you see each carrier’s driving history. It also reimburses you up to $500 if there’s an accident and is available in all 50 states. While uShip’s prices aren’t guaranteed, the company’s rates are lower than they’ve ever been. It takes a minute to learn how to use uShip’s website, but it’s worth the effort more often than not.

The size and weight of your vehicle affect the price to ship a car, so the less it weighs, the less you pay. Car shipping and auto transport are synonyms that refer to shipping a vehicle from one location to another. It does all of the little things right. Partially guaranteed prices, careful driver vetting, and a free car wash add up to happy customers. If you want to see more information, you can click on the company name or logo and scroll through individual reviews.

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