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One thing that can influence your decision here is how far away your trade is from its profit target. Let’s assume this position was originally aiming for a 300 pip profit target and is now just 40 pips from the target. In this case I would be more likely to close the trade before the Forex news news event to book profits. To risk giving back 260 pips for an additional 40 pips isn’t the greatest of propositions. We’ve all been there – that point of indecision before a major news event is about to hit. This is obviously the safest place to be with major news around the corner.

  • Now you can use the forex factory calendar and the market tool to read the markets going forward and get an understanding of market behaviours surrounding the data releases.
  • According to the National Association of Home Builders in the US, the housingsector makes up around 15 to 18% of the economy.
  • The Forex Factory news was instrumental in completely changing the presentation of Forex news to traders and money market dealers.
  • That concludes the process of setting up the Forex Factory news calendar.
  • GBP/USD would be affected by GBP announcements and EUR/USD affected by EUR announcements etc – and all will be affected by USD announcements such as US GDP data.

Plus, you can enter your timezone so events are displayed in your local time. It can be far too easy to get caught up in the nuances of each event. As price action traders we need to be more concerned testimonials about what’s happening on the chart and less concerned about the fundamental significance of news. You should now have your time zone set and your filter configured the way you want.

#5: U S Nonfarm Payrolls Nfp Data

Time left before next release is indicated so you quickly grasp when this is coming. When a new data is released, the calendar page is automatically refreshed so you do not miss it.

Beginner Forex book will guide you through the world of trading. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass.

Step 3: Setting The Event Filter

The next step is trading the forex market for professional forex traders using the economic calendar. To do this we need to understand how economic Forex news data can impact the forex market. So, out of the hundreds of news releases, how do you know which news events you should keep an eye on?

forex factory news

That’s why you need a valid trading setup with precise entries and exits so you can better manage your risk. I suggest checking all of them so you’re aware of the important fundamentals going on around the world. Then they apply the strategies for a while and when it fails, they got back to the forum and look for “the next best thing”.

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