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Supply chain and logistics enterprise software sales recruiters at DRI have an enterprise software industry executive’s knowledge of large-scale software used to support the needs of organizations as a whole. Historically, supply chain automation was often viewed as a cost-saving initiative focused on expected future returns. Since the onset of the pandemic, automation has focused more on alleviating risk by providing greater information and visibility into the supply chain, enabling quicker and more proactive decision-making. Manufacturers have been analyzing opportunities for near-shore operations in order to lessen their dependence on overseas supply chains.

As absenteeism in the United States rose by more than 45% during the pandemic, employers realized just how important it is to cross-train employees to handle key functions. When implemented correctly, cross-training in the workplace can ensure a smooth workflow process, despite having a few key workers absent.

  • In response to increased operating costs — including costs for fuel, containers and labor — we expect an increased focus on technology-backed solutions as key deal drivers.
  • This flexibility could come in many forms, flexible scheduling, part-time hours or shift swapping.
  • The state is home to nearly 2,000 international companies—including Novartis, Ricoh, Bombardier, Siemens and BP—and a magnet for international employers looking to expand in the North American market.
  • This type of lease enables fleet managers to take advantage of rapidly changing technology, as they can re-evaluate their equipment needs at the end of each lease cycle.

If America is the land of opportunity, the Port of Baltimore is the beacon for diversity in maritime trade. Logistics strengthens the Illinois manufacturing and industrial network of pharmaceuticals, life sciences, food and automotive production, contributing to the state’s $764-billion economy. Indeed, the Land of Lincoln is the fifth largest GDP in the nation and the 19th largest economy in the world. Amid national-level trade tensions, China earlier this year stopped taking recycling products from the U.S. For the Wickliffe mill, that was opportunity knocking as the per-ton price of baled cardboard and paper recycling plummeted. With our continued emphasis on technology and innovation, that will continue,” Preston said. Indeed, the Port of Savannah is the fastest growing port in the U.S. and continues to grow.

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Now, more than ever before, logistics employers are seeking employees with technology-related skills. While the demand for digital skills has been a core criterion for higher-level positions, such as purchasing managers and inventory control managers, for years, now even some lower-level positions require some type of technology-related skills. Rather than oversee the transport of goods, supply chain planners are responsible for the development of the supply chain processes.

us logistics employers

Last year alone, $65 billion worth of Illinois goods were sold to 217 countries all around the world. The $310 million UPS expansion added more than 838,000 square feet to accommodate increasing demand. “The UPS expansion is turning over 130 aircraft per day at USP Worldport and is doubling sorting capabilities at the Centennial Ground hub to 85,000 packages an hour,” Mazurak said.

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Employers such as Vt Halter Marine, Nissan, Toyota, Chevron, NASA, Boeing, GE, Ashley Furniture and dozens of others point to the right-to-work state’s collaborative, business friendly environment as a key differentiator. These are not just nice words in a mission statement hanging on the wall, they say, but reality. The project will create 900 jobs over the next five years and includes a $37.5 million investment by the shipbuilder to expand ttps:// and modernize its Pascagoula facility. Unemployment is low, and the number of Mississippians working in non-farm jobs is at an all-time high, with more than 1.1 million employed in July, the most jobs ever recorded in the state. HARTING is a family-owned company founded in 1945 that manufactures products for the connector industry. As a result, Illinois is the number one exporting state in the Midwest and ranks sixth in the United States.

This page will enable you to filter over 750 North American freight forwarders by location, certification, and other factors. You will also be able to find details of international freight forwarding services, air freight forwarding services, freight consolidation services, and just-in-time freight services. CEVA Logistics, based out of Hoofdorp, the Netherlands, offers contract logistics, supply chain solutions, and ground, sea, and air freight services in the US. They serve the aerospace, technology, automotive, retail, energy, healthcare, and industrial sectors. Dray Alliance’s tech team aims to integrate digital technologies into the last-mile delivery industry, offering technology solutions to reduce the time it takes for shippers to connect to their fleets. Focusing mainly on ocean and rail cargo, Dray Alliance markets a web and mobile dashboard with which logistics companies can perform GPS tracking, document sharing and approvals all in real time.

The company’s offerings include ocean and air freight, terminal, road and rail, international express, cold chain logistics, supply chain management, and supply chain security services. To meet the growing logistics demands in a post-pandemic market, 93% of China-based companies are planning to transform their current supply chain processes to improve efficiencies. It’s safe to say that over the next few years there will be an increased demand for supply chain planners in China to help companies with this transformation.

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The massive $973-million Savannah Harbor Expansion Project began in 2015 and is nearing completion. Work to deepen the 20-mile entrance to the channel to 49 feet at low tide has been completed. Dredging to deepen the inner harbor to 47 feet at low tide uss express working days begins this fall with completion expected by the end of 2020. Blockchain technologies and software startups are on the cusp of improving data transparency, data sharing and communications technology—creating even greater efficiencies for the industry.

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The solid growth is due to the state’s strategic foresight in continually investing in cargo capacity, Lynch said, whether by land or sea. Georgia’s deepwater ports in Savannah and Brunswick, together with inland barge operations in Bainbridge and Columbus, are catalysts for opportunity, says Griff Lynch, Executive Director of the Georgia Ports Authority . Among the several benefits talent is demanding, there is one benefit that consolidates many of these perks into one comprehensive package. Many workers haven’t returned to work because they decided to switch careers in the pandemic, while others retired early. Surprisingly, nearly 2 million workers decided on early retirement during the pandemic, which has also contributed to the shortage. In 2022, leading logistics provider XPO is looking to fill over 2,000 positions and making a concerted effort to bolster their compensation packages to attract and retain new workers.

Ports America Chesapeake employees work a tandem lift to transfer a Royal Smit Transformers B.V. Dundalk Marine Terminal is equipped with cranes that can handle all types of breakbulk cargo.The port’s public and private terminals combined handled a record 43 million tons of international cargo worth $59.7 billion in 2018, breaking a 44-year record. The port now ranks 11th in the nation for cargo transport, ninth for cargo value and has generated nearly 16,000 jobs. The state-owned port terminals handled a record 10.9 million tons of general cargo in 2018, surpassing 10 million tons for the third consecutive year, according to the Maryland Port Administration. When German company HARTING announced plans to spend $100 million to expand its North American operations in Elgin, Illinois, and add 250 jobs over the next five years, company officials cited the workforce and strategic location as contributing factors.

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Third party logistic management companies, or 3PLs, operate primarily in this sector. Trucking involves motor vehicles that transport cargo medium and short distances over the road. Domestic transportation serviced by trucking companies accounts for almost seventy percent of all freight tonnage. If your company, like many others in the logistics industry, is concerned about the demand to hire talent in a post-pandemic market, the first step is to ttps:// realize how the logistics industry has changed and what new hiring trends are emerging. We’ve compiled a recap of these logistics HR trends, so you can keep them on hand for quick reference as you navigate the uncertainties of a post-pandemic market. The good news is that with the right workplace analytics, logistics companies can create accurate staffing schedules that not only ensure production demands are met, but that also help to cut costs.

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