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What Is A Flexible Budget?

Friday, October 9th, 2020

Flexible Budget

Conversely, if it uses them for fewer hours, its budget should reflect that decline. Let’s imagine that a manufacturer has determined what its electricity and supplies costs are for the factory.

  • At that point, the static budget acts as a starting point for the flexible budgeting approach.
  • Therefore it helps the management to accurately know about their productivity and output, for example, jute factories, handloom industries, etc.
  • For example, business owners can train employees and help them increase efficiency.
  • Flexible budgets are most appropriate for businesses that operate with an increased variable cost structure, where costs are primarily attached to activity levels.
  • The variation happens due to the change in the volume or level of activity.
  • A flexible budget will include lines for different amounts.

The workload is determined primarily by management decision instead of sales volume. Some examples of departments in this category are administrative and marketing. Fixed budgets may be used for projects involving fixed appropriations for specific programs, such as capital expenditures, advertising and promotion, and major repairs. Sales results are the main factor for adjusting a flexible budget.

Why Would A Company Find A Flexible Budget Variance More Informative?

This helps in a transparent and accurate calculation of variances. A flexible budget enables companies to have a more realistic idea of their budgets based on changing costs and profit margins. A flexible budget is a budget that adjusts to the activity or volume levels of a company. Unlike a static budget, which does not change from the amounts established when the budget was created, a flexible budget continuously “flexes” with a business’s variations in costs. This type of budgeting often includes variable rates per unit rather than a fixed amount, which allows a company to anticipate potential increases or decreases in monetary needs. The flexible budget uses the same selling price and cost assumptions as the original budget.

When people know there’s not an iron-clad expectation to stay within a static line item, there’s temptation to constantly ask for more. Static Flexible Remains the same even if there are significant changes from the assumptions made during planning. Adjusts based on changes in the assumptions used in the planning process.

Although the budget report shows variances, it does not explain the reasons for the variance. The budget report is used by management to identify the sales or expenses whose amounts are not what were expected so management can find out why the variances occurred. By understanding the variances, management can decide whether any action is needed. Favorable variances are usually positive amounts, and unfavorable variances are usually negative amounts. Some textbooks show budget reports with “F” for favorable and “U” for unfavorable after the variances to further highlight the type of variance being reported.

Overview: What Is A Flexible Budget?

Subsequently, the budget varies, depending on activity levels that the company experiences. The original budget for selling expenses included variable and fixed expenses. To determine the amount, the two variable costs need to be updated. The new budget for sales commissions is $10,500 ($262,500 sales times 4%), and the new budget for delivery expense is $1,750 (17,500 units times 10%). These are added to the fixed costs of $12,500 to get the flexible budget amount of $24,750.

Flexible Budget

Yet other expenses have considerable chance of varying to one degree or another. For instance, staffing projections may be dependent on an expected long-term contract being finalized, or economic stresses cause you to extend payment deadlines or loosen return policies. No matter what, flexibility serves you at the moment you need it—and pays dividends down the line. For instance, Workday Adaptive Planning’s data visualization software can speed much of that process. And when conditions change quickly, speed is a distinct advantage. For example, say that April came in $500 more expensive than usual.

How To Prepare A Flexible Budget

Some costs are variable — they change in response to activity levels — while other costs are fixed and remain the same. For example, direct materials are variable costs because the more goods you make, the more materials you need. Skate had a great year; actual sales came to 125,000 Flexible Budget units. However, much to the disappointment of Steve and Kira, the overhead budget report reported major overruns. For each category of overhead, Steve computed a variance, identifying unfavorable variances in indirect materials, indirect labor, supervisory salaries, and utilities.

Flexible Budget

Only then is it possible to issue financial statements that contain budget versus actual information, which delays the issuance of financial statements. Flexible budgeting can be used to more easily update a budget for which revenue or other activity figures have not yet been finalized. Under this approach, managers give their approval for all fixed expenses, as well as variable expenses as a proportion of revenues or other activity measures. Then the budgeting staff completes the remainder of the budget, which flows through the formulas in the flexible budget and automatically alters expenditure levels. As a result, the company would have been able to incorporate an additional $120,000 into its variable cost of goods budget to account for the increased sales.

Accounting Principles

While controlling costs is one of the objectives of budgets, a flexible budget becomes a headache if you find it too costly. The key difference between the static budget and the flexible budget is the volume or sales units used in the projections. The static budget uses the original volume forecasted, while the flexible budget is updated for the actual volume. For example, if during May Year 1, the company budgeted 10,000 units, but actually sold 12,000 units, then the static budget would use 10,000 units and the flexible budget would use 12,000 units. Cost accounting is a form of managerial accounting that aims to capture a company’s total cost of production by assessing its variable and fixed costs.

By keeping each department or division within budget, companies can remain on track with their long-term financial goals. A static budget serves as a guide or map for the overall direction of the company. To compute variances that can help you understand why actual results differed from your expectations, creating a flexible budget is helpful. A flexible budget adjusts the master budget for your actual sales or production volume. This flexible budget is unchanged from the original because it consists only of fixed costs which, by definition, do not change if the activity level changes. Flexible budgeting is a relatively simple way to introduce department heads to the complex world of cost management. Managers use a flexible budget system to set financial targets for their department and track progress towards those goals.

Flexible Budget Practical Problems And Solutions

Accountants enter actual activity measures into the flexible budget at the end of the accounting period. It subsequently generates a budget that ties in specifically with the inputs. This budget is put together before the year starts, and is a static budget. We can’t use it for accessing if costs are being effectively controlled. The flexible budget shows an even higher unfavorable variance than the static budget. This does not always happen but is why flexible budgets are important for giving management an indication of what questions need to be asked. Thereafter, prepare a flexible budget for single or multiple activity levels.

  • So higher revenues cause a favorable variance, while higher costs and expenses cause an unfavorable variance.
  • Even if a cost is assigned a numerical value, a monthly review of costs compared to revenue allows that number to be changed for future periods.
  • It also looked at the effect a change in price would have if the number of units remained the same.
  • Budgets are a financial tool that forecasts business revenue and expenses over a specific period of time.

Initially, a new venture can’t predict demand for its product accurately; hence, a flexible budget can be of great help. So, it can prepare flexible budgets with different levels of output based on the analysis of the demand for a similar product.

Increased Cost Controls

Variable Costs that change based on the number of goods or services a company produces. Some expenses will have both fixed and variable characteristics. These are occasionally referred to as “semi-variable” or “semi-fixed.” An example is a salesperson’s remuneration.

  • If such predictive planning is not possible, there will be a disparity between the static budget and actual results.
  • Flexible budgeting can be used to more easily update a budget for which revenue or other activity figures have not yet been finalized.
  • Unlike a static budget, which does not change from the amounts established when the budget was created, a flexible budget continuously “flexes” with a business’s variations in costs.
  • The static budget is intended to be fixed and unchanging for the duration of the period, regardless of fluctuations that may affect outcomes.
  • Only then is it possible to issue financial statements that contain budget versus actual information, which delays the issuance of financial statements.

Once an accounting period is over, update your budget with the actual revenue and/or activity measurements. This will adjust the variable costs based on accurate data from the accounting period. Create your budget with set fixed costs that will not change and variable costs depicted as percentages that can be adjusted based on actual revenue. If you find a change in your sales or production volume, you can reorganize your fund allocation based on changed circumstances. Thus, a flexible budget gives you more control during the budget period. A flexible budget also enables you to control cost, because it shows where the actual performance deviated from the planned performance.

Static Budget

A factory is currently working at 50% capacity and produces 10,000 units. Estimate the profits of the company when the factory works at 60% and 80% capacity, and offer your critical comments. Using the following information, prepare a flexible budget for the production of 80% and 100% activity. While accounting software is an important part of tracking all of your financial transactions, many software applications simply don’t have the capability of preparing a flexible budget. For sake of illustration, let’s use a very simple, three-month budget for a coffee shop as an example. Over this time period, the shop expects an average of 250 customers per day , each buying one cup of coffee that costs $3. Traditionally, companies spend weeks or months creating an annual budget that’s more chiseled in stone than fluid and flexible.

The flexible budget supersedes the limitations of a fixed budget. Because it is a practical approach that is suitable for dealing with real-life situations. For example,Figure 10.26shows a static quarterly budget for 1,500 trainers sold by Big Bad Bikes.

Learn how it can help your business respond to the ups and downs of the marketplace. It helps in assessing the performance of the management and key production personnel.

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