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Please note thatAirlinesand Automotiveacronyms (‘backronyms’ are listed separately). We’re On Our Own.A wonderfully apt and fitting acronym for expressing a team or group feeling of unity and that thrilling combination of excitement and fear in the face of a challenge. While often caused by apparently negative or unwanted situations, such as desertion by a poor ‘leader’, or the cutting off of support, the WOOO effect can unleash previously hidden and unknown amazing capabilities in people and teams, and be so liberatingly empowering as to move mountains. WOOO is generally an ingredient of employee buy-outs and other situations where a work team of like-minded people takes over the ownership and responsibility for an organization which previously employed them merely as staff.

An amusing acronym which all decent folk can privately enjoy when faced with irrational, threatening, anti-social behaviour and those exhibiting it, be they ignorant customers, bullying bosses, or aggressive next-door-neighbours, etc. If you know pleasecontact us.This seems to be a US armed forces acronym from WWII. The picture is on a wall in a house in Liverpool, left by US troops billeted there in the Second World War. The AEOBE acronym is on the left breast of the soldier aiming the catapult. On the front of the Jeep the acronymSNAFUcan be seen above the radiator grille.

  • One Recent Child, Heavily In Debt.These people are at Maslow Hierarchy of Needs level 3, so don’t try appealing to their level 4 needs.
  • There it described a particularly disinterested or demotivated soldier/civilian trainee, close being discharged from basic training due to lack of suitability, also referred to a ‘ration thief’ or ‘oxygen thief’ in ironic reference to using resources needed by properly committed colleagues.
  • Sign In Sod Off.An acronym said to be used by certain British MEPs in referring to their £180 daily attendance expenses allowance system.

Current interests include professional work and senior care. Joanne researches the intersection between computer science and psychology, how people behave and their behaviour changes when interacting with technology. Chusu researches financial infrastructures, payment and settlement, project finance and risk management. Andrew researches supply chains, railroad cars, the automotive industry, cost effectiveness, communication and traffic congestion. Elvan researches applications of Operational Research techniques in areas such as healthcare and service sectors.

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Alternatively SHIT is an amusingly ironic bacronym in the business and training world standing forSpecial High Intensity Training. The notion that the SECAM system probably owes less to the Americans than to the British method is lost, since although ‘Anglican Method’ fits the acronym more accurately, it would have entirely different connotations…. Such A Bad Experience, Never Again.This now widely applicable acronym was seemingly pioneered by Belgian people, referring, in English interestingly, to the Belgian Sabena airline company (which for the record was properly titled ‘Societe Anonyme Belge d’Exploitation de la Navigation Aerienne’).

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If you have other ‘corporanyms’ that you’d like to shareplease send them. TYCOTake Your Company Over.TYCO is a diverse industrial corporation with a reputation for aggressive development based on making acquisitions. HOLDENHeaps Of Little Dirty Engine Nuts.According to Australian ‘backyard’ car-maintenance tradition, this acronym fctconline is a reference to the parts usually left over after repairing the engine of a Holden car. Aussie ‘backyard’ mechanics apparently assert that if the nuts are left over, then you didn’t need them in the first place… If know any other notable amusing or clever airlines and aviation acronyms/bacronymsplease send them.

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You will note there’s no specific heading for costs/budgets/financial controls, so care needs to be taken to include these items, logically within Constraints and/or Estimates. For a fuller explanation of Terms of Reference see’agreement of specification – project management’. But if the cap fits any particular CEO’s out there…

Applicable in other situations, e.g., excessive indulgence at corporate hospitality events, conferences, weddings, etc. Not In My Back-Yard.Term given to a person or group having the audacity to complain about a nuclear waste recycling plant or high security prison being built close to their homes. Not A Lot Going On.Retrospectively applied meaning to the NALGO trade union name. The acronym’s original meaning was National Association of Local Government Officers, which merged with NUPE and COHSE in 1993 to form UNISON, now the largest UK trade union representing over a million public service workers and volunteers. Management By Walking Around and Listening/Management By Wandering About And Listening.(And other variations using these words.) Extension of the MBWA management technique. In many cases – notably managers and executives who merely walk about, smile or frown at staff, and remain aloof and ignorant of front-line and shop-floor issues – this is the crucial extension required for the MBWA method to have a chance to be effective.

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Use with caution, although safely describes those 4 inch thick system manuals, written by experts, which don’t actually explain anything about how to use the system. Also meansFeasibility Analysis Study, which is rather less contentious. The mysterious ‘F Eleven K’ code has been appearing on technical query reports for many years. Eager To Grab Your Pretty Toes/Tits/Testicles.Non-pc armed forces acronym code used in letters to sweethearts at home, as other examples NORWICH, SWALK, HOLLAND, BURMA, CHIP, etc. Dead Right There And Going To Stay That Way.Extended version of DRT used by certain US police and fire-rescue personnel in incidents involving catastrophic injuries.

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IPOs are risky for investors as it is especially difficult to predict the value of the stock or shares in a relatively unknown company when they open for trading and in the short-term thereafter. An IPO equates to the expressions ‘going public’ or ‘taking a company public’. It is not unusual for IPOs to fail to attract buyers for all the stock available, in which case the bank underwriting the offering is left with the stock. I’m wondering when the first example of an outsourced board of directors will be seen…. TSA in this ironic sense is arguably also abacronym, since it reinterprets the acronym’s original meaning. Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.You will probably have used a captcha without realising that it has this strange name, or that it has a name at all.

The BRIC acronym is said to have been originated by Jim O’Neill, Goldman Sach’s chief economist, in 2001. Belief, Optimism, Courage, Conviction, Action.For the process of change. Burnt Out But Opulent.Various applications, including references to property and people, the image is one of exhausted or useless wealth or luxury.

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Big Hairy-Arsed Goal/Big Hairy-Assed Goal.The polite version ‘Big Hairy Audacious Goal’ doesn’t have quite the same ring to it . Provides an additional interpretation of the word ‘bag’ when used to refer to someone’s area of interest or expertise, for example, when turning down an offer or opportunity with the response, “Not my Bhag I’m afraid….” Brain Dead User.Covert IT technical support staff acronym to describe a human failing instead of equipment or software fault. When you next hear reference to a BDU error, ask for an explanation… Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code.Acronym name for the early computer programming language. Additionally and alternatively BASIC has in past times been amusingly interpreted by IT technicians and to meanBugger-All Sense In Computing.

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CPS stands for many more relatively unexciting terms, notably in businessCost Per Sale, and in computingCycles/Characters Per Second. The principle is easily applicable with a little adaptation for certain types of presentations. The key points also remind us to avoid waffle and unnecessary information when communicating vital and urgent instruction. Benefits, Risks, Alternatives, Nothing.Decision-making aid, applicable and useful for all sorts of situations.

In this particular case Star Trek’s ‘Spock’ character comes relevantly and amusingly to mind concerning many ideas relating to communications. Minimum Of Fuss, Maximum Of Flavour.The MOFMOF principle and acronym are advocated by, and should be attributed to, Italian chef Antonio Carluccio. The MOFMOF maxim is however extremely transferable to work, management, business, and to life generally, since it essentially emphasises the concept of focusing your effort on what matters most.

How To Make Love.Amusing alternative interpretation of the more conventionalHyperText Markup Languagemeaning of HTML, normally representing the code which underpins the workings of much of what we see on the internet. Alternative created and contributed by writer by S McCarthy, thanks. Hair Is Vanishing.Amusing alternative interpretation contrasting with the seriousness of the more usual meaning ofHuman Immunodeficiency Virus. Apparently a popular healthcare diagnosis from many years ago, used especially on bank holidays/weekends, after midnight or when there was an important football match on TV. After a very quick visit to A&E the junior doctor would diagnose GOK and admit the patient to a ward, often adding LTNWIO .

Perhaps fewer modern marriages would fail if more people tried this sort of arrangement. Ship High In Transit.This is a hoaxbacronymwhich somebody somewhere created a while ago around which is built a convoluted story supposedly but entirely wrongly claiming to account for the etymology of the ‘shit’ swear word. See theshit entryin the cliches and words origins page.

Fart In A Trance.Every organization has a person who seems to be perpetually in FIAT mode. Most of us experience being in this state at least a couple of times a week, especially Mondays after heavy weekend, or while captive in corporate presentations or boring training sessions. Find ’em, Feel ’em, Fondle’em, and Forget ’em.Polite version. This expression is in this listing for historical reference only and is not recommended for use anywhere. The Four F’s probably originated and certainly came to prominence in the British Armed Forces, WWII. In its day the expression was of course gender specific but now in this age of gender equality is not necessarily so.

Single Income Two Children Oppressive Mortgage.For consumer customer profiling, Maslow Hierarchy of Needs examples, etc. Sitcom, meaning situation comedy, is in itself a ‘made-up’portmanteau word. Alternatively SITCOM might be interpreted more desperately asSingle Income Three Children 0 Money. Self Adjusting Balls Up.The problem will work itself out .

MOFMOF and Pareto Analysis are useful inrelativesituations, where performance and quality do not have to be perfected in every single absolute respect, rather optimised to produce the best result or effect, relative to the investment. Human Capital Management.Arguably the same as HRM , although many would disagree, pointing to various ‘new’ HCM components linked to such terms as ‘new economy’, but which strictly speaking could be covered simply by a modern view of HRM. As with many labels, differences between HRM and HCM largely depend on your own situation and interpretation. If it suits your context/audience to differentiate between traditional HRM and more open and progressive methods for managing people within an organization, then using the HCM title might bertter emphasise the difference or change you are aiming to achieve. If are studying modern HR practices and methods then again you will tend to find such ideas being presented under the HCM heading.

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